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Perdue ......... All talk and no walk

WikipediA: "In February 2009, to reduce a budget shortfall, Gov. Perdue withheld approximately $88 million to fill shortfalls in the North Carolina budget.[4] Perdue emptied the $50 million lottery reserve, also withholding $38 million allocated for a school construction budget in direct conflict with the mandate of the NCEL.[5] This controversial move by the Governor prompted North Carolina lawmakers on March 10, 2009 to propose a name change to the NCEL, to remove "Education" from its name."

Y'know, that just doesn't sound like someone who's really all that interested in education. Sounds more like the usual tax and spend crap. Take the money allocated for education, then raise taxes to make up for the "education" shortfall. A quick and dirty way to finance other projects without taxpayer approval.

She's been caught with her hand in the taxpayer's cookie jar far too many times.


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