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Seniors ripped off again

This is not the first time that Seniors have been ripped off, and it will not be the last. These ladies were caught, because they were so blatently greedy, that they took this guys last dime. So, if they were at little less greedy, perhaps they would have gotten away with it.

Despite many health care givers being hardworking and taking good care of their patients, there are those who prey upon the elderly, who go shopping at their employers house. They take anything that they can use to run their own household, or convert to cash. There is a tendancy for Americans to rob their employers blind. Once employed they start squeezing every dime they can from the lage corporations that they work for. Its the same with health care. They look for the debit cards, bling bling and cash laying around a house where they work. And they steal it.

They never get caught, because the patients are usually bed ridden, and their families are not alert to protecting their loved ones. Because in America, we discard our Seniors in a very real fashion to the dishonest care givers that steal from them every day. The fact that this arrest was a fluke, and not an investigation that discovered wrongdoing, tells us that our Seniors are being subjected to unsupervised thugs who appear at their doors with medical clothing on.

When will these men and women be scruntinized and these thieves identified before they begin to steal from Seniors. Where are the background checks initiated by police and protective services? Why is there not an Angies List of rip off health care professionals? Why does not the city and the county police this rappant criminal health care profession? And why are penalities not so severe that no one would dare steal a Senior's bed pan? Put these women away as a promise that Seniors in New Hanover County will be protected in the future! Dare health care workers to steal from the elderly? BEcause they will spend much time in prison for their misdeeds! Enforce the laws, and protect the elderly. For, who else will defend them?


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