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Officer Bass

I appreciate you checking on the, approaching, weather. That is an indication that you arm yourself with all, possible, information to preform your job in an informed manner.

I'm saddened that someone, who was afraid to let themself be identified, went crying to the department and you had to be "counseled" instead of your superior taking the information (that you volunteered) and commending you for being self informed of the possible dangers which were approaching you and those whom you have sworn to protect.

We've never met and you may, actually, only be a margional officer. However, NOTHING in this report indicates as much and I hope that you will keep your chin up and continue to do everything possible to police the thankless individuals who have posted, especially when they have to swallow their pride to call on you for your knowledge, professionalism and experience when they can't protect themself from their own shortcomings.

To the individual(s) who thought that it was necessary to inform the media of this situation. I really hope that you are the next to require the assistance of Officer Bass.

Wilmington Observer


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