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Shame on you Hamilton

The environmental trade off for a measly 12 months of extended film incentives is just sad. It shows how a newly elected official who wants to have the title of "saving the film industry" was boxed in by a Republican controlled House and Senate. This would have been a good deal if the incentive was locked in on a permanent basis, but since fracking will be going on forever pandoras box has been opened. It is proven in other states that fracking is worse than anything the Titan Cement plant would be doing in our backyard, but this bill effects the entire state of NC and the 9 million residence who drink water. The film industry is extremely environmentally conscience, and having the film industry slipped in to this bill having the governors veto overridden is a slap in the face to everyone working in the film industry. Movies and television shows are flourishing across this beautiful state, not just in New Hanover County. 2011 will be one the biggest years for films and tv in NC. The economic impact and employment for thousands will be incredible. When a movie or television show comes to town there is no environmental impact. This is the second time Hamilton has helped override a veto by the governor, and this time turning her back on 9 million North Carolinians. Matt Damon a Democrat and Clint Eastwood a Republican just wrapped a movie in Ohio based on fracking and the dangers it poses to the environment. They both have different ideologies, but came together to make a film based on the horrors of fracking. Their film is a political hot potato and for good reason. I encourage everyone to watch the documentary "Gasland" that their film is loosely based on. I no longer support Hamilton for this decision. Great way to give the gas companies another way to rape this beautiful state, give our children tainted drinking water, and risk homes being set a blaze from flammable drinking water. Gas companies have pulled in a record $167 billion in 2011 so far. After the 12 month extension of the film incentive is up, and fracking is ripping apart North Carolina.....what else will you get suckered into to extend the incentives again? 12 months was a slap in the face to the film industry and opening flood gates for fracking across the state was the upper cut to the stomach. Thanks, but no thanks Hamilton. You deserve the backlash you are receiving.


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