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Double Standards Again

Hey you go hit a tree off the road and you bet a traffic citation is coming. Your insurance is going up and you get to deal with traffic court. But, if you are a Police Officer nothing happens, the taxpayer gets the repair bill. So in the last two weeks, UNC-W Officer promoted after previously showing up for work under the influence, Carolina Beach Officer looking at apps while driving instead of paying attention to traffic and his own safety. Leland Police Officer crashes patrol vehicle and claims mechanical problem. All of this is double standards that the public does not enjoy and is completely and utterly ridiculous. Why do we have to pay for our mistakes and cops get a free pass? There needs to be equitable accounting for Police mistakes that affects them the same exact way it affects us. I am sick and tired of the double standards cops get over the public they SERVE. You pull me over, give me a citation for whatever, then you later violate a traffic law and nothing happens. B.S.!


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