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Can't blame Andy Griffith for being cranky though...

People can be stupid. Almost every famous person I've seen in public, I'm amazed at the people with zero restrain who walk up to them, regardless of what the celeb might be doing, and start talking to them as if they know them. He played a legendary character like Andy Taylor (Matlock too for that matter) and people forever think he is Sheriff Taylor, armed all sorts of homespun, folksy advice when he just wants to stand in line and renew his driver's license like anyone else. It probably happened dozens of times per day for 40+ years since he left that show.

We the TV viewing public can be bad about thinking actors are their characters. Tony Dow (Wally from Leave it to Beaver) said in an interview that Hugh Beaumont (Ward Cleaver) wasn't really a kid person. He was a father but like men of his generation, it wasn't his nature to spend his extra time interacting with children. Poor guy probably spent the rest of his life having strangers ask him to counsel their children or solve their biggest problems in 22 minutes. Imagine being Peter Billingsley, just trying to check in at the dermatologist's office and the next person in line screams "You'll shoot your eye out!!" and truly thinks they're the first person to do that.


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