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"apparently, fluid from the

"apparently, fluid from the well got into an unmapped fault line that was already under stress.", it looks like it wasn't fracking per se, but instead fracking combined with pressure on an unmapped fault line, which is an altogether different issue.

Thus, a stricter set of fracking rules would seem prudent and reasonable.

Too many environmental activists want to see fracking and other practices eliminated because of the dangers they pose. They fail to consider that everything we do can cause problems but that we can mitigate these problems with the assistance of science, technology, monitoring, regulation, and review, i.e., human brainpower.

Too often, environmental activists forget that we possess and can use human brainpower to solve these problems. They grossly overstate their case and grossly understate mitigative measures because their real motivation is the hated of technological civilization.

This is the real battle line: those who have faith in human achievement and ingenuity and those who do not.


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