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Excuse Me

He is just a child who made a mistake, probably a prank went that wrong. We need to stop punishing these children so harshly for something they will hopefully regret later in life. If this child wasn't force to turn to the streets because society fail him then maybe you wouldn't have to blame yourself. I'm tired of people always wanting an eye for eye, or what they call fair justice. You people must be evil to want to see harm come to a poor misguided child that let's not forget, is innocent until proven guity. The fact is there are people who actually think and react like this which hinders the process of proper justice. Lthen Ceasnspuckly in this case they are keeping quiet. This 15 year old boy wanted to live by the gun, well now he should die the gun or needle, both work. What bothers me is this 15 year old boy sees it as only street credit. Well I guess he'll get his props from his peers in prison. Burn in hell Mustafaa, burn in hell you waste.


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