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BS on this report

If you consider a .01% a rise in rates then yes they are rising but they are at 6%. That should not be affecting anyone. Fore closures in NHCo are way below the 641 in 2003, 547 in 2004 and 440 in 2005. Don't report that last year there was 363 in the region. Just keep stirring the pot with a mis interpertation of the facts. I would not say the market is soft, it might have slowed a little bit, but if you look at how proud some people are of their home then you would know why it has slowed around here. Hey folks, 300K for a 1700 ft2 house is over priced. Especially if you are in a cookie cutter neighborhood. (e.g gordon rd neighborhoods, brewster pl. what else could we expect from a sub-prime news station though, sub prime reporting. carry on you over make up wearing, manaquin looking reporters


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