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Operation Impossible

Smoking, outside, with a sea breeze? I can't really see that as harmful to others. What Carolina Beach should ban is littering; that's where the problem is.

Not sure why so many smokers (not all, but far too many)think it's perfectly OK to toss their used cancer sticks wherever they please. Look down at the ground by a red light and you'll find a pile of butts. Parking lot: They dump out the entire ashtray. The beach, any beach: These pigs think the whole area IS the ashtray. If there was a pill that would cause a smoker to jam the used butt up his/her nose every time they tried to carelessly toss one away, I'd be for it.

However ........

Carolina Beach has prohibited dogs on the beach during the summer season for years, yet that law is rarely enforced. If enforcement officials can't even seem to see a dog, how will they ever spot something as small as cigarette butt?

Makes no sense to put unenforcable laws on the books just because they're politically correct. There's enough of that nonsense going on already.


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