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Carolina beach smoking ban proposal

Let's ban drinking at the north end oh wait! the town made 800k there last year I live across the street from the beach. folks this is a working class beach if you want to go to a beach that has no smoking you now have a choice why do all the beach communities imitate one another. I chose to live in CB because it is a working class town I have seen this town change over the years and not to disparage anyone but it is due to outsiders with money moving in and the ridicoulous real estate debaucle of 05 this place used to be a place that everone knew each other for better or for worse we acted as nieghbors now I hardly ever see a familar face it is quite sad that our little redneck riviera has been sold off and marked down as progress does anyone remember fishing on the north end before it became the hell hole it is now? you cannot cast a line ine the water without hitting some half drunk out of towner . The folks that have lived here for the past twenty years are getting pushed aside everyday by the vocal minority. they park in your yards and block your driveways and piss on your house when they walk down the steet hammered. what happened to our town? it has been tuned into some thing completly differant by too many carpet baggers. Quite frankly the old timers do not care what wrightville beach does just leave us alone or better yet just leave.


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