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Cigarette smoking is

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to children and others, no matter how you try to justify it. Non-smokers have rights and as soon as smokers learn to contain their smoke, then by all means... puff away. But as soon as the smoke leaves your cigarette, it is pollution that can effect others. To say otherwise shows how little regard you have for others' LIFE... not to mention, Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

If you want to smoke on the beach, you might as well take all the kids from the elementary school and pick about three of them and say... you, you and you don't matter.... asthma, can't breathe well because of my smoke... who cares? I don't.

In addition, the life guards deserve a smoke-free work environment. My son is a life guard and he is constantly annoyed because he is having to breathe cigarette smoke. Its a distraction. Plus, when it comes to having to go on a rescue, they will be able to hold their breath longer without taking in a big huff of smoke before they dive in.... think about it. You want someone going on a rescue with distressed lungs from your smoke? Seriously? Have some regard for someone other than yourself.


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