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i dont do pcp, or crack, or

i dont do pcp, or crack, or heroin. i dont even drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. however, i do smoke marijuana every now and then. in october 2009, i was in a very high speed, almost fatal headon collision with a drunk driver. ive got bone and nerve injuries that will be with me for the rest of my life, not to mention, tramatic stress disorder. yes, there are many pain medicines out there, but those pain meds have very adverse side effects that make it not worth taking. ive taken just about everything out there for pain,even having morphine treatments throughout the days. my body got so immune to the narcotic effect, that i had to take enough to kill a elephant, just to get a few hours of relief. it was killing my body, and my mind, and being a 25 year old father and husband, i couldnt do it anymore. pain medicine kills thousands of people a year. its just so easy to overdose when your just trying to get relief. anyways, my point is, i smoke pot every now and then to ease off the severe pain that i got through every single day i open my eyes. it really helps, its like flicking a light switch. one minute i cant walk, smoke a little bit, and im able to cut the grass. i dont smoke to get "stoned", i just hit it a few times till the pain eases off. im totally against other drugs, but everyone needs to relax and understand the whole "marijauana" issue before assuming its like the others. think about it and do some research. in the history of our planet, how many people have died from marijauna?


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