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DUPLIN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Some North Carolina high school students are spreading the word about the dangers of using tobacco through a touching video. It was even entered into a national contest and came among the best in country. With the help of their mentor Lauren Lewis, the the three East Duplin High School seniors put together a video that shared their antismoking message. "There's a lot of people that smoke, and there's a lot of people that do chewing tobacco," student Yanira Campos said. "I don't think they really understand that it's harmful to them." "There's a lot of my friends that do smoke, and it breaks my heart that they smoke," student Marisol Garcia said. "I don't want them to ruin their lives, so I thought this might help." Not only did the girls use their video to promote their cause throughout their school and community, they also entered it into a national antismoking video contest put on by the Surgeon General. Their video came away a winner taking the prize for third runner-up. "I was really happy, because third place in the nation, I thought it was pretty cool," Garcia said. "I'm really proud of what they've done," said Lewis, a wellness educator. "I think that they've shown that if they can make a difference somebody else can, too." the award-winning video was the first video the girls had ever made. When they showed it to their school, Lewis says all of the kids reacted with admirable silence.

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