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I have never smoked so I can understand all the hoopla around smoking. It is nasty and it is dangerous and I am glad that there are bans in restaurants and other establishments, but with all that being said, I don't agree with the bans at beaches. Yes, there are pigs that leave their butts lying around, but the beach is a public place and therefore should be left alone. With all this being said, and I applaud the girls for what they did, why is there not a concentrated effort to halt alcohol consumption? When it comes to statistics, I am sure more people get killed by a drunk driver or in alcohol related deaths than by the cigarettes. You don't hear too many stories about someone being killed by a driver under the influence of a cigarette.

But then I forget. The alcohol industry is a large one and they pour lots of money into the states and the country and have many politicians that lobby for them. Many years ago, commercials for any kind of alcohol were banned, but they are consistently showing them more and more. I guess money really talks doesn't it?


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