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Reply to charles Walters

There are many heart-broken parents that have grown children incarcerated for drugs. Many of these parents are anti-drug and have not been a part of encourgement for their adult children to use, manufacture, or sell these hard drugs. I believe there are parent's that don't/didn't know their minor or adult child was using until trouble hit home. Also, many of the hard drugs begin as free will, but after a short while it's no longer free will, it's in the user's body. Young kids WILL listen to their 'frinds' that use, and their friend(s) will tempt the first time user, and to fit in with the 'gang' they try it. Thus, the cycle begins.
Here's the good news...The one's that are waiting trial are off the street's and the one's that are incarcerated are not using, which can be a relief to the parent that their phone should not ring in the middle of the night to find out their child/adult child has died.
Mr. Walters, don't assume all parents are to blame, to say that is simply not true.


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