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Mr. Walters.. you are on

Mr. Walters.. you are on here repeatedly posting all these comments. I dont know why you try to act like you are better than someone else. Someone must not have loved you much as a child. I know and have people in my family who struggle with addiction. This does Not make them bad people. They still pay all the bills and take care of their own. Yea they spend an hour a day or less chasing some drug to help them deal with all the curveballs life has thrown them such as losing a twin in Iraq and a car wreck which left one dead and the one Im speaking of with no leg, NO fault of his own. You are a sick man without a life of your own so you choose to meddle in other peoples lives. Prison is not the answer. The guy at the top of the post who spoke of the clinics in Sweden, they are in Australia and Canada too and that is the answer.They do work. People like this Walters should be thrown in prison before he sets out to judge other people. Walters you are the LOSER. When the day of judgement comes you will be the one to have to account for your actions and how they affected so many people. GET A LIFE and leave people alone!! I would like to see you locked up with all the people you called the law wouldnt be so "tough" then.


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