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Its time for these idiots to admit defeat + a nice rant WBPD

You lost. you never stood a chance. You got snookered and for all we know you may have deliberatedly committed fraud. Bring baseball to Wilmington (The Sharks arent a real team) and it will be a boon the economy. Just for the record Im a registered Republican but Im about sick and tired of everytime I turn around people bitching and griping about spending any bleeping money to help improve the economy into this area.
The bloody self-righteous out in Wrightsville Beach wish the tourists would stay away thinking they own the bleeping beach themselves. (BTW WBPD nice raid at the Blockade Runner the other night for the fireworks.. Amazing all these years you wait until there arent famous people staying and around to create a scene because you want the rich and famous to stay but since this year there werent any big name celebrities you decide to instigate a bloody scene surprised you didnt call out the damn NHC SWAT team you jackbooted thugs!!. You already harass the employees there (Being pulled over for no reason if you see a BR Employee sticker on their cars and looking for an excuse to ticket them and if you cant you make some BS excuse up and let them go and half the time the guests. I dunno what the owners did to piss you off but apparently your Police Dept and town has a grudge against the BR that runs deep). Keep it up Wrightsville youll get your wish and then youll rue running off the normal avg citizen and tourist when the economy tanks and nobody wants to spend their money over the bridge


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