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You bleeding heart libs make me sick

let me know when you get that whole wind turbine stuff figured out since Europe has a nightmare with them. You complain about ever bloody source of energy. Solar sure as heck isnt viable around here. You'd rather continue to keep selling our souls to the middle eastern despots who would just as soon explode a suitcase nuke in our major cities as sell us oil.. We need to get back to our own energy independance and until other options are viable we need to use the resources we have available to us and quit with this damn tree hugging crap you keep shoving down our throats. You morons are half the reason this economy (thanks to Obama) is in the crapper to begin with. You do realize by our continued dependance on foreign sources of oil (oh well yeah we could have been at least getting it from Canada but your all mighty idol and messiah Obama jammed up the Keystone pipeline so now Canada is probably gonna sell oil to China (who we owe monster debt to thanks to your same exalted one). You wanna complain about the price of gas how about the price of EVERYTHING going up because of the increase of fuel prices of nearly 100% since your idiot in chief took office. Diesel fuel goes up so does the price of everythingelse because it adds to infrastructure costs to get products to market which is passed on consumers but I guess your left wing public education failed to teach you basic economics 101 that prices go up for various reasons and not just supply and demand capitalism as you so revile as EVIL..


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