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Yes, you are the moron. Before you make statements like you have it would be best if you went to the public library and read up on our
recent Presidents. Who was the first one to cosy up to China so that our American jobs could be sent there? Who helped make it possible for us to get steel from China and shut our mills down? How about the close ties the Bush family has to certain wealthy middle eastern families & companies? And the Bush family...papa didn't finish what he started over in Iraq before pulling troops out, in the years that followed the taliban grew in numbers instead of being nearly wiped out while we were there. Then W and his VP make up the WMD scheme and go back to finish what papa didn't. We were there fighting long after he declared victory. And lets not forget letting the banks operate with less oversight...that worked out well. In October 2008 George W approved a 700 billion dollar bail out for the banks before he left office. But yet we put all the bail outs on President Obama.

As far as being dependent on the Middle East for oil...we get 1/4 of our oil from them the rest comes from our wells, Mexico, and Canada.
We don't need the pipeline or fracking, we need to be less dependent on oil. We've known that for a long time, plus any intellegent person knows you always need a plan B.

Here is a fact for you to look up...and you will hate this one... Spending has risen slower than at any other time in the last 60 years with Obama as President!


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