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Wilmington City Officials vs Democracy

This is getting crazy. Ballpark aside, for the moment, what's with the city council (just can't put caps on that anymore) vs Democracy?

I have a huge problem with elected officials ignoring their electorate. Why wouldn't they welcome with open arms any referendum that would clearly state the majority's opinion, whatever that was? That's supposed to be their primary directive. Instead, they're fighting tooth and nail to suppress it.

As to charlie rivenbark (also no caps deserved here), just disgusting. He get's caught with his pants down and then he goes on the offensive? He was caught being a liar and HE doesn't appreciate that? How about the voters not appreciating voting for someone who turns out to BE a liar!

It's time to ask some basic questions:
- Why does Wilmington's city council no longer represent their voters?
- Why would anyone vote them back into office when their term expires?
- If they're so adamant about suppressing the will of the people, what kind of financial back-door deal are thy going to be the recipient of if this stadium project becomes a reality?

We just celebrated the Fourth of July. The song phrase "Home of the brave ... and the land of the free" comes to mind.

That was never intended to be translated in "the home of the atlanta braves (no caps here either), and the land of the "insiders on the city council".


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