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Just put it to a vote of the people

Instead of lashing out at WWAY because they were told he was out of town and then later ran into him at a local business, Rivenbark should suck it up and move on. Unless he wants to keep bringing up that story. And that's politics 101, when you're caught, talk about something else. As for the petition signatures, take them for what they are and put the question to the voters. Any attempt to thwart that referendum will be viewed by many as a cheap end-run to avoid showing voters the respect of asking them if they want 30 or 40 million of their tax dollars spent over the next few decades to provide a real estate gravy train for one of the richest sports companies in America. A company that by all accounts should be able to pay their own way but apparently gets rich by making taxpayers foot their bills. And if the voters feel that's worth the expense, then so be it. Let them vote on it. Taxpayers are the ones paying the bills. The ones funding City government. Sure, small financial decisions shouldn't require a referendum every time there's a decision to be made, but when the Council is considering obligating it's taxpayers to 30 or 40 million over a number of years, that's entirely different than voting to fund paving a road or replacing water lines for a few hundred thousand or a million dollars.


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