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You are all a sorry excuse

You are all a sorry excuse of a human being!! How dare you bad mouth a LITTLE GIRL who is just trying to help others like herself. Maybe some of you need the story written in Brail for you can CLEARLY not read words in front of your face. Where the heck do you see a word that even comes close to looking like "tennis"? Soccer surely doesn't!!
Wear helmet?? Really?? Do you put a helmet on your kids every time you send them out to play ? No you don't!! This was a freak accident that unfortunately damaged a little girl for life!!
What's so bad about home school? There are THOUSANDS of activities out there for home schooled kids to be a part of so there are NO opportunities passing them by! Maybe its a good idea to read up on something before you make yourself look like an ass! (Google is great for research... try it sometime). These girls (and their family) are so proud of themselves for doing something helpful for themselves and others!!
THIS IS NOT A NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION!! So these girls are doing a great thing with THEIR money that they have rightfully earned, by giving back to a charity of their choice.
I really hope nothing like this happens to you and your family... because it doesn't sound like you would even be supportive to them!!
Again... i feel sorry for all you negative, pathetic sorry excuses of humans!!!
No wonder why the world is the way it is... ...


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