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I agree with Dean Godwin.

I agree with Dean Godwin. As an instructor at UNCW, I drive down Andover Road every morning and every evening for work. Since my parents have lived on that road for over 30 years, I travel the road frequently. Every single time I drive on that road, at the posted speed limit of 25mph (I have my cruise control set), a car will speed up behind me and literally ride my bumper until I hit Rose Avenue or Wrightsville Avenue. It is at least as heavily traveled, if not more so, by UNCW students cutting through the neighborhood. They travel between 35-55mph on that road. Occasionally I see a cop on that road, but RARELY. If police patrolled the area between 9am-12pm, or 4pm-6pm, when most students are taking classes, they could generate enough money from speeding tickets to pay for the unnecessary baseball stadium that the city is pushing down our throats. So I don't understand why the city would even CONSIDER increasing the size of speed bumps in a neighborhood that already has them instead of adding speed bumps that clearly needs them.


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