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CFPUA Problem starts with Self-Serving, Disastrously Inept Board

How is it possible that with all the major errors, history of minimal accountability, spills, slick “spin,” corruption on steroids, as evidenced by the same people who formed the CFPUA who are again the very same, exact Same people running the Authority Board today.

Advocates who warned us about this CFPUA when it was a seed in the heads of Jim Quinn, current Chairman, Jason “tax-n-spend” Thompson, and their cronies have been entirely barred from the Authority appointments. Commissioner Berger brought a fresh consumer first, accessible and human element to the CFPUA Board. No good deed goes unpunished, so Commissioner Berger was forcibly removed, so Quinn-Thompson-Catlin and inside the circle of trust developers could act in secret planning and scheming. Witness the recent moves to empower these people to subsidize and direct growth and steer projects to benefit themselves and their real estate industry patron.
Commissioner Berger has been dead right on the CFPUA, and he was right, but never credited, which has become a theme and threatens the Jonathan Barfield’s and other big spenders, who count on secrecy to get what they want, at CFPUA and throughout New Hanover County. He [Berger] was the primary advocate for keeping rates down which are hammering families and folks on fixed booted me off the Board and now its back to the same elected officials and special interests that created the beast and spend freely.

As long as the founding career politicians and check writers stuffing checks in pockets run the CFPUA, we’ll continue to see higher rate increases, subsidies to the connected, and attacks on Commissioner Berger and others who might come along with the guts to be straight with the citizens of Wilmington and New Hanover County. Look past the media drama that is the opposite of the serious,intelligent Berger, and the reality is we need at least one or a few responsible taxpayers like Berger on every Authority Board. ABC, CFPUA, WDI, WID, shame on Jonathan Barfield, Ted Davis and Catlin for their stupid sexism and lack of interest in the public. These aren’t public servants willing to sacrifice for the public like Berger, and he deserves respect for those sacrifices alone.

There are other good (or better, especially than the Thompson-Quinn-Catlin-developer-Ricks special interest crowd) choices less known than Berger, O'Sheilds and other voices of reason. These are the people who should be Board members, not the undemocratic creators of the Problem, the CFPUA. The County preaches accountability. Prove it? Never, not in the past 20 years. Ben David? Attitude toward corruption, stealing from the public treasury, D.A. David needs to change or go for good and not come back. If you cant take on corruption which threatens every level and branch of government, like Mr. David, you don't merit a big salary and office like David commands but refuses to earn by virtue.


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