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The billing at CFPUA has never been fixed - this is just another example. After four years - more of the same , and the same lame excuses, from the same sorry management.

Even the original consultant - MSFG - called it "a catastrophic failure". But they were paid - to go away. Ratepayers paid for this screwup and are continuing to do so.

Any wonder Carey Ricks refuses to comment? Probably doesn't want to threaten that high paying upcoming County job. Guess she isn't the oldest rat in the barn but the rats are leaving the ship now.

The CEO holds ultimate responsibility . But he was too busy getting his bonus converted to salary after the first year when he was mad that he didn't get the full 20% and didn't like the headlines. Salary isn't in the news - only bonuses. He also got his $500 / month car allowance converted to salary - another $6,000 per year. At the time the Board justified this action by saying he "was keeping the sewer in the pipes and the billing is fixed" - well, I guess they were wrong but hey, too late now, he's got the $$$$ and the ratepayers are now once again being backbilled.
Because the sewer is not in the pipes - recent spills- and the billing is obviously not fixed.

Someone should file an information request to see how many staff have either been fired or quit the past four years - original Finance Officer, original Chief Operations Officer / Asst. CEO, original Customer Service Director, original Real Estate Acquisition Specialist, numerous staff, etc, etc. Anyone see a common thread here?? This is why nothing gets fixed there.

Also - there is no help from the Board - anyone been to a Board meeting lately? Politicians, developers, non-professionals, looking out for their own self - interest. Don't look to the Board for help.

Gonna be hard to fill that PIO job with the specialized training required - read the job description? Got NIMS? Got milk? Might have to be someone who knows who how to keep the press out - or scare people.

Ratepayers should seek legal advice concerning this "backbilling" - especially if you have been current on your bill with no past due amounts.

Unfortunately for COW and NHC it will probably get much worse before it gets better. Management will have to change. And the Board.


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