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CFPUA Billing Consulant

Boy - it just gets better (or worse, really) doesn't it?

Another outside consultant - to correct the ongoing billing issues that Authority management has had four years now to correct - and cannot - wow.

And the CEO and CFO actually brought this item to the Board today and was willing to pay the consultant 90%???? 90%??? You kidding me, right? Guess not.

Here's an idea - forgive the debts - make a public statement - generate goodwill - you were willing to only collect 10 cent on the dollar anyway - do something for the ratepayers for a change.

If the CEO / CFO / PIO had ever worked in the private sector they might understand "goodwill" from an accounting viewpoint. But they haven't, and they don't. 90% to a consultant???? You incompentents really took an item like this to the Board? Wow. Wow. At least the Board, for all their faults, had enough sense to reject this one.

And Jason Thompson??? He thinks he is qualified to talk about billing?
Jason "I challenge the public to a fight in the parking lot" Thompson?
Maybe one day someone will take him up on his offer.

Folks - wake up !! This CFPUA management was willing to give 90% of YOUR money that you paid to this company to a consultant from Houston!!

The Board meeting is the 2nd Wednesday of every month beginning at 9am in the NHC Commissioner's meeting room at the NHC government center. Show up, sign up to speak, voice your concerns at this idiocy from this management. Look at the management there, look at your Board members, speak up! Vote!

90% to a consultant ?? Wow - they almost had you - laughing all the way to THEIR bank in Houston.

1968, Chicago, Democratic National Convention, during Vietnam:
"Hey, hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids have you killed today?"

2012, Wilmington, CFPUA, four years into the billing fiasco:
"Hey, hey, hey, big MJ, how many ratepayers have you screwed today?"

It is time for you and the CFO and the PIO and a bunch of other highly paid incompentent managers to go. Just go away.

Sorry, NHC and COW, it is going to get much worse before it gets better.

Someone should ask what the CFPUA paid the CH2MHILL consultant (JDS and gang) for the Maximo fiasco and get an accounting of how badly that money has been spent....... You think the billing is bad......


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