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I hate to disagree with the

I hate to disagree with the majority here, however I think if you dont want your kid in the system pay to have them put in private school. It happen's there too!It is our job as parent's to teach our children about personal safety and this includes sexual predator's. As for the law suits I think its bullshit for anyone to sue the school board over matter's like this.It solve's nothing.The Hager's consented to their daughter marrying Wucahe, they signed the legal form's, they have only themselves to blame for the way they treated their daughter not the school system,as for the other 2 I believe it's a case of let's see if we can get any money out of this. C'mon, anyone really think that kid's teacher's knew he was leaving class to go have sex with the janitor? Please!That boy was old enough to know what was going on for 2 year's and didnt say anything, he left class willingly.People do the best they can with what they have to work with and a good student comes from home first not the other way around. I think we as parents should take more responsibility for our kids and insist our kid's take more responsibility for them selves.Putting more effort into helping out instead of pointing finger's.


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