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An HOA acting like Nazis?

Wow! That's the first time THAT ever happened, huh?

The simple fact is that most HOA board members are insignificant little pustules who have never held a position of authority previously, have no formal training in leadership, and cannot logically reason through the simplest of problems. As soon as they find themselves with some power over you (which you, like a total idiot, gave them) they immediately start running rampant over your freedom and liberty simply because they CAN.

"How dare you leef you trash can at zee curb past zee authorized hours? You drife zee "unapproved vehicle," so don't even tink about parking it in you own drifeway. Here are zee colors VE have approofed for YOU house. You grass is too long unt ve vill now fine you to show you vhat ve do to zee rule-breakers."

Every few months we read one of these HOA induced outrage stories on WWAY, yet people still blindly sign away their freedom because the idea of an HOA sounds so innocuous. Take my advice - if you're looking to purchase or rent and you're told there is an HOA, RUN! Why would you voluntarily accept yet another level of de facto "government," more people telling you what to do, how to live, and how much money you must render unto them?

Kudos to Ms. Prater for putting these pimples back in their place. The first time an HOA member even looks at her funny, here's hoping she sues them for harassment.


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