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Good for her

Good for her. The best way to deal with this type of situation is to get it out so that the public can see how this HOA is handling the situation. I have friends that live in an area where there is a HOA and some of the rules are ridiculous. He spent almost $1000.00 on a new door and they told him that it was the wrong color. I can understand some rules as in garbage pickup, yard maintenance, but when it comes to telling you what you can plant in your yard or what your house color can be, there is a line drawn there.

Unfortunately, many of the beach communities are becoming nazi like in their demands on homeowners. Just seems so wrong to me that if I wanted to go and put a million dollar house there, that they can tell me what colors to paint or what to or not to plant in my yard. There has to be some type of restrictions I understand, but they can get out of hand.


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