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"I can build it for a lot less." That's what they all say until after they start the construction. I have an idea of how to build it for 42 million without any increased debt to the city of Wilmington. Build it somewhere else. We have items on our agenda that are of greater importance than a playing field for the Atlanta Braves. Now don't get me wrong because I am a Die Hard Braves Fan from the 1960's but I also believe that if the Braves organization wants to play ball in Wilmington, they should pay for it. You see, if they pay for it then they are more likely to remain here at least until they have recouped their investment and made a profit, however if we pay for it and some years down the road they leave Wilmington, we will still have the bond debt and if we can't have a team come in on the heels of the Braves leaving OUR stadium may sit for a period of time. it could fall into disrepair and then we would have to float another bond to make major repairs to it because if it is not being used government will not spend money on it to keep it up. Look at the old county building right now on Chestnut street. After the water damage was done to the building and government moved out maintenance to the building went to zero or near zero and now look at what is going to have to be spent to bring it back up to standard. This is what governments do. Not using it, spend no money on it. Do we want this situation with a vacant stadium. Think about it people. I'm sure the Braves organization is going to paint a bed of roses but what we must remember is that those roses also come with thorns. Try laying on that bed for 20 or 30 years of debt service.


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