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Who owns the beach?

I don't like to get started on the subject of public access to the beach! But I can't pass this one up. I have lived here all my life (65 years) and I do remember when the beach was public. As small children we were taken to the ocean by our parents and as they did some fishing we played in the surf and sand. FREE! As teens we had group parties with supervision, on the beach that ended with open pit fires on the strand and hot dogs roasting over them. As time marched on and it does, it has become more and more difficult to get to the ocean, (is it still there?) my grand children very seldom get to the beach, not because they don't want to go but it is so difficult to deal with the limited parking, the full time beach owners, the limited access, the fulltime cost of going to the (public) beach, the fulltime owners, the cost of the (free ocean front) and by the way, how do you own the beach front? I have seen the ocean reclaim it's sand and beautiful hugh dunes and I'm waiting for that time again. Then we will see who ownes the beach! It's just like building a sand castle, when the tide comes in you will most likely see that castle go flat and the ocean will take back what it once owned. Money will buy almost anything but let's see if you can get back the house built on the sand. I don't think my grand children will ever know a time when the beach was free to the public. If you have enough money or know the right politicion you can get most anything you want but don't ask me to help you pay for your foolishness when that property is gone. Maybe the bridge should be closed and Wrightsville Beach could be a privet beach then you would not have to deal with the public. Then you could find out how much it would really cost to live on that beach


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