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it is the same all over the

it is the same all over the world,the wealthy will take away from what little the less wealthy have-public works,are for the public-but the squeaky wheel gets the grease especially when that wagon has rich folk inside it-its a losing battle for now-unless people pool money together or join The Surfrider Foundation and pay for their lawyers to fight for us-wherever you go worldwide,this same scenario is playing out-just saw it happening on the coast of Spain and Ireland in feburary-UNTIL WE ARE IN PUBLIC OFFICE AND ARE CONTROLLING THE LAWS,THE RICH WILL ALWAYS HAVE A LOUDER VOICE BECAUSE OF WHO THEY KNOW AND WHO THEY PAYOFF-only time we are louder is by force with weapons-look into history-mob rules-but we as civilized people only have the very expensive and wasteful litigation system to handle our beefs now-which means the little guy usually will lose-cause he has no money to pay the lawyer's-so with that said join the S.R.F. because its only going to get worse before it gets better-unless GOD intervenes with a catagory[5] that will clean up the mess-on that note-southern baja hurricanes devistate the poor now who cant build to code structures strong enough to survive-when they lose homes the rich are there to buy up property on the cheap and build huge hotels that can survive direct hits-huge land grab in thailand after the tsunami-by developers paying off officials or officials being developers-only so much beach to go around-too many people-join The S.R.F.-even a cat5 cant stop this progress-AND YES I BELIEVE THAT NO ONE ON THIS GOOD EARTH SHOULD OWN ANY BEACH WATERWAY OR OCEAN SALTWATER OR FRESH-IT IS AND ALWAYS SHOULD BE FOR ALL TO RESPONSIBLY ENJOY!!!


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