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This actually clarifies the situation. The petition was worded in such a way as to not be clear if it would affect the Sharks and the Hammerheads.
Now what the voters will be voting on is this stadium, this project, ONLY. It will turn into a straight up and down vote on whether the city will spend ANY money on this project.
So look at the non scientific poll on WWAYs homepage.
75% of the respondents voted for the city to spend NO MONEY on the stadium.

What will be interesting now is to see how much less the project will cost and what Saffo and gang will say. The voters are very suspicious of this group of elected officials, and are very much in favor of not spending money for non essential things - and a ball park is certainly not essential in spite of what supporters say.
I did note that no one talked private investors much. All the talk was on eliminating certain things from the building to make it cheaper. Atlanta will have to chip in quite a bit to make this even remotely palatable to voters if WWAYs poll is any indication.

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