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Keep in mind the following:
McCoy and Fulton (M/F)screwed up and the city exploited this but no matter which way you slice it and dice it M/F pointed out thousands of people who were against public funding for this stadium to be used by a privately owned team. M/F did this without advertising where they were and when they'd be collecting signatures. If they had advertised the turnout would have been much much higher IMHO.
The poster who said its $42M now but at $24M they'll "Look" responsible is absolutely right - it's all about perception.
But perception is a two edged sword. But when polls indicate spending no money is what the majority wants then $24M still "looks" excessive. When voters travel over poorly maintained city roads to vote on an entertainment bond referendum they will vote "no".
Generally speaking, most people are asking elected officials to hold the line on spending at Federal, state and local levels. City officials are well aware of this and could have targeted downtown for another special tax to help pay for this through a revenue bond but apparently they don't want to, or can't. So far all that is talked about is property taxes or general obligation bonds. Given the mood of the electorate asking ALL the voters to pay MORE taxes is a very bad move for the city to make.
Our elected officials will find this out in November.
But as far as M/F are concerned? They did what they thought was right and they got their wrist slapped for it.
If this was SUCH a GOOD deal private investors would be paying for it

Best Regards


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