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AS I said McCoy Fultons resolution will not be on the ballot. This leaves this project, the stadium, and its cost whatever it turns out to be. This will clarify this for the voters - all they will vote on is this expenditure and this property tax increase.
And it wasn't me that brought up how M/F would impact the
Sharks and Hammerheads - the city itself said we don't know how it would impact them. And yes Duke I'm well aware that they pay for use of the stadiums.
Oh and the highs schools? They DO get a free ride I'm glad you brought that up. This means that given the choice between free ride and paying to use the new stadium means they will chose???????? Yeah they'll use their ball fields. OOOOoopps there goes ANOTHER non tenant use down the drain. NO Sharks, No Hammerheads, No high school, no UNCW.
BTW Chuck since you don't pay taxes here what is your vested interest in this stadium? Your support has been unwavering to the point of being nauseating. Since you ARE NOT a taxpayer here you won't have to pay for it, whereas we will. Sorry to say this but as a non taxpayer here your arguments have lost all credibility.
But like many other supporters you still haven't come up with a response to:
The debacle of the PORT CITY ROOSTERS
and now
It was gonna be paid for in full in April with private investments. Now its gonna cost the city dearly - probably MOST of the costs. What happened?

The deal is slipping away Chuck. The best shot you had was when it was paid for. The more it costs the city, the less likely it is to be passed by voters - but keep in mind that all 3 major media outlets reported back in April that "Construction of the stadium wouldn't cost the city a dime". Why did ALL the private investors back away?

Best Regards


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