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Speak for yourself smoker... you are totally wrong! NOT evertyone smokes at Carolina Beach anymore as most of you are gone. As an ex-smoker, I detest an anti-smoking nazi, but the filthy habits of leaving your trashy butts on the beach is an outward sign of backwoods ignorance! I used to use ashtrays and garbage cans for my butts. I grew up in the South and was taught not to litter. What happened to you?

I have seen groups leave piles of butts next to ther chairs as they exited their beach for the day and was threatend with a severe beating when I asksd them to pick them up. Ignorant, trashy, low-class jerks. I've had lit cigerettes get flipped into my jacket while on my motorcycle from drivers that for some odd reason didn't understand what an ash tray was for. Nice!

So here's the bottom line Dirty Chunky drunk. If you had enough common class about yourself to know where to deposit your trashy, stinking butts, most people wouldn't give a rat's pudendum if you smoked on the beach or not. But, then again if you had such class, you probably wouldn't be uncontrollably inhaling particulates to purposely kill your lungs either. It doesn't really matter where you're from, low-class stupid is still low-class stupid.


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