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Not Convincing

Saffo's attempt to make himself and council look good failed. First C. Rivenbark needs to keep his big mouth shut as he tries to silence media who have fairly reported on council's actions. He is tired of getting caught doing his dirty business and it being reported. Too bad, voted out before and will happen again. Now back to Saffo. Check his interview out and you will observe him making the same comment several times. He struggles to make his thoughts clear as trying to cover up for previous lies it is hard to avoid revealing them. He is thick tongued, another indication of deception. He kept talking about its their job to look into this matter. I want to remind you that you are a representative of the majority of citizens and it is your job to go by our concerns which is no tax funds for a ballpark. Why pursue this matter when every poll, email comments have strongly stated no, no,no. But you go on and only one concept comes to mind, personal financial gain. Quit it before you get caught and spend some time with former Representative Wright.


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