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"NSS said baseball is a good thing for Wilmington"

No, Bill, that's not exactly what they said. I was watching when you (dramatically) asked the NSS guy, "Tell us what we want to know. Is baseball good for Wilmington?" The reply was, "Well, it could be." He then went on to hem and haw about variables and possibilities and could bes and maybes. If the question had been "Is baseball BAD for Wilmington?" the response would have been similar.

Consultants are modern day carnival psychics. They gather whatever information they can about you, then give you vague, non-specific answers that you're free to interpret as you want. The only solid answer this guy gave was, "That didn't fall within the scope of our study". Know what that means? "If you want better answers, you have to give us more money." So, of course, our council fell eagerly all over themselves to oblige.


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