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I love marketing people

I love marketing people. I love them because they tell such distorted facts.
I go back to “the survey” that Duke, Mr. T and other baseball PROponents use as their basis for “demographics don’t lie” schtick. It is here:
I also want to thank the poster who recently said something that piqued my interest. He said something to the affect that a 3.5 cent per hundred tax increase would only amount to $70 tax increase annually for a $200,000 home. But the survey is disingenuous in that it breaks down what people are willing to pay extra PER MONTH. First the survey results and I will try to keep it simple:
47% supported private public financing
40% did not. But then the question of how much you’d be willing to pay came up.
$4-6 increase per month had 19% willing to pay
$2-4 increase had 16% willing to pay
$2 increase had 18% willing to pay
So lets figure out using that same $200,000 house just how much support a $42M bond has. They claim its 3.5 cents per 100 of valuation. I will calculate using half cent increments and bring it down to a monthly cost per house
3.5 cents per $100 = $5.83/month
3.0 cents per $100 = $5.00/month
2.5 cents per $100 = $4.16/month
2.0 cents per $100 = $3.33/month
1.5 cents per $100 = $2.50/month
1.0 cents per $100 = $1.66/month
It would appear as though we would have to get that bond down to the 1.0 to 1.5 cent per $100 rate to have ANY chance to pass. A rough guess would mean a bond of $10M - $15M
But the funny thing was the survey was not exclusive to city residents - 31% of the survey respondents WOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY THE TAX INCREASE because they were county residents.
So a minority (47%) wants pub/pri financing and of that, 1/3 were NON city residents, and of that group NO ONE would pay for a $42M bond. In fact only 1/5 of the respondents want to pay for a stadium in the $20M price range.
This is your survey Duke - the one you keep pointing to…….and YOU are not a resident either. But I wonder about this survey. It seems that in April we had 100% private financing. After the survey came out saying we’d be willing to pay “something” private financing dried up? Are we THAT naïve?
Best Regards


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