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The NSS report included a survey that was distributed through the Wilm Convention Center, Chamber of Commerce and one other venue. It was not a blanket survey of city residents. 31% of the respondents were county NOT city residents and were commenting on something that did not affect their own tax rate.
Everyone LIKES baseball and everyone wants baseball - so long as the major costs are paid for by someone else. Back before the survey was released Mandalay and Atlanta told the city the stadium was paid for by private investors and the city's portion of the overall project was minimal.
After the survey was conducted private investment disappeared. I wonder if it was because the survey said we'd pay a part of the cost.
Thats why many are so upset.
If it's free we want it - who wouldn't?
But we went from all construction paid for to very little paid for and from a lot of private investment to little or no private investment.
All the while Atlanta team is sitting on $900M in cash.
There is no doubt everyone likes or tolerates baseball - but no one likes it enough to want a tax increase to pay for it.
Those that live here are against it. Guys like Duke who don't like it are for it.
I wish the survey had been done professionally using those people affected by it only, but given who did the survey you can see why they did it the way they did. They surveyed trying to get the answers they wanted - because if its built they would profit from it...
We failed at baseball before due to lack of attendance. I don't know whats different about this team.....

Best Regards


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