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Wrong Duke

Hank Aaron stadium was started before the Port City Roosters even started playing here. The city of Mobile paid half and a private developer paid half (he already owned another AA franchise by the way).
Minor league teams move around a lot, like the Roosters, which makes me skeptical about this deal. But make no mistake about why they left.
WWAY, WECT and the Star News all attributed the demise of the Port City Roosters to low attendance -which was confirmed by team officials. They were NOT temporary. They came, they failed they moved.
We just don't support minor league baseball Duke.
Attendance at Port City games was UNDER 1000 folks Duke, and don't blame it on them having a poor team either. Thats not the draw for attendance at minor league games.
Nope sorry "frugality" is not the reason why private investors would have pulled out Duke. LOSING their investment is. Or, they saw that some tax dollars were available so they pulled out as the risk was too great. If the risk was too great that means there's a good chance the investment would NOT have paid off. We went from totally privately paid stadium to - what? At your property tax figure of $4month means $30M or so? Please try to explain AGAIN the loss of all private funding

You say you live here. Do you pay city property taxes? (since you like to split words).

I do. I have a dog in this fight. I had kids that went through the schools here. I still pay for those schools and I'm glad to do so as education is part of infrastructure IMHO. Just like Police fire, water sewer...heck even city government.
Do I want to PAY for THIS ball park? NOPE - not a dime. If Atlanta and investors wants to? That's fine, glad to have them here. That's what the initial deal was, as announced by Mandalay.
Anything else should get voted down.......

Best Regards


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