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@ 1981duke aka Chuck

@ 1981duke aka Chuck Kuebler, The owner of the Atlanta Braves reported wealth as of March of this year is 5.1 billion dollars. I don't care what WalMart or anyone else does. This fact must really worry you. What is the matter, are you having a hard time figuring out how to convince people that might be struggling in this economy to vote for a tax increase for themselves to pay for a stadium for someone this wealthy? I'll admit this is a hard sell. Maybe you can come up with some more “predictions.” Predictions are all that you have, hard facts that you can prove are not available to you. Your beloved NSS even shot holes in your earlier predictions of 5,000 fans per game for 70 games a year. Private investors have bailed out, Mandalay's proposal is insulting. You claim they are negotiating, I call it insulting. This whole process has been a not so funny and costly joke from the beginning. The only people guaranteed anything in this proposal are Mandalay, the Braves, and their billionaire owner. Everything else is just maybes, what ifs, and predictions by people that want this stadium so bad it has clouded their judgment. I do not doubt your love of baseball, I do however disagree with your belief that you are way smarter than everyone else, and have the right to instruct them how to spend their money. One more time just for you. THERE ARE 5.1 BILLION REASONS THE TAX PAYERS DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR THIS STADIUM!


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