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The stadium in Mobile was started in 1995. The owner of that stadium had another baseball team AA I believe, along with a hockey franchise.
The Mobile newspaper ran the article saying no team but he's starting a stadium.
The Port City Roosters were going to stay here if attendance was good and he was gonna move the AA team to Mobile. When attendance here tapered off he moved the Roosters instead.
We failed them.
Minor league baseball for 3 years in Wilmington does NOT JUSTIFY the spending of ANY taxpayer dollars for ANY stadium.
But especially not for a team with poor attendance already.
Funny ow you pointed out average attendance and not the Hillcats attendance. You see Duke - we're not getting the average team Duke we're getting a poorly attended team. Further justification for NOT approving this deal.
You earn a new stadium with our tax dollars - you don't get it up front.
Sorry but critical thinking is required for decisions like this based upon empirical data not estimates and best guesses and flawed surveys.
The Hillcats are poorly attended, coming to a city with past attendance problems and failed teams. We have no business even thinking about risking taxpayer dollars for this.
If we were talking about the Port City Roosters, or the Wilmington Waves, or Duke's Dogs - who were here for 15 years by now, and were outgrowing Brooks field, I'd be in line to approve this stadium. Now, if Mandalanta decides to build it themselves? I got no problem with that either and would welcome the baseball team.
Best Regards


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