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Nice diversion Duke

No this is not Stockton
This is Wilmington NC
Home to two that's right 2 failed, minor league baseball teams.
Attendance was pitiful.

3 years total baseball time here Duke, when the league average is 34 years in each established city.
My marketing skills Duke? Oh I'm NOT gonna debate that with you.
But you make one grievous error Duke. You assume I'm anti baseball.
Far from it.
I am against using taxpayer dollars to fund this. I'm against building a stadium for a team that has very poor attendance records. If those attendance numbers hold here in Wilmington then the economic impact is highly over stated. Considering their attendance the stadium as proposed is too big and therefore too costly.
I'm actually hopeful that it gets done at no cost to taxpayers. Heck I might even take in a game or two with my grandson.
But you can't answer the questions:
Is 3 cents 10% of 30 cents?
Why is this different from the PCR and Wilmington Waves?
Why are you commenting on this when you're NOT a city taxpayer.
Why does the NSS report estimate attendance where will be double what it is currently in Lynchburg?

I will welcome baseball here should it not cost me anything

Best Regards


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