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City Clerk is a LIAR

As a co-organizer with this petition process, let me say for the record, the city clerk is full of it. She was one of the first ones we went to in the beginning asking for help, and there was none for her to give. She told us that we should contact city attorney Bill Wolak for any help, which we did, and who also gave us the cold shoulder. In fact, Wolak's response was the following:

Mr. McCoy:

The petition process set forth in the Wilmington City Charter is for citizen initiative. As the City Attorney I and my staff represent the City of Wilmington, therefore, it would be inappropriate for either me or any member of my staff to become involved with your petition process.


W. E. Wolak

So on tonight's news, you have the city clerk telling everybody that all we had to do is come to her and she would have graciously bestowed assistance upon us - yet you have email records showing that according to the city attorney it would be "inappropriate" for them to get involved.

The city charter is extremely ambiguous as to what is required for a successful petition. No one can accuse us of not doing our homework - the most official affidavit one could hope for is the director of the county board of elections signing off on the petition and declaring it true and valid - which he did.

The city council is employing their own creative interpretation of the affidavit clause to protect their ambition and agenda. If we had gotten an affidavit from all who took petitions to be signed, you can rest assured there would have been some other formality they would have declared insufficient.

We should have never had to conduct this process. The city council should abide by their sworn duty to represent those they serve, and conform to the will of the people. There is no doubt anywhere that people do not want to pay for this. However, they are abandoning their offices and integrity to march on loyally to the Mandalay tune.

When is the local media going to actually find out why? What is in it for each council member on a personal level?


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