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yes, it was followed

when 4000 signatures are gathered, the spirit of the process is followed, even if not all the bureaucratic i's were dotted and t's crossed (and if you had any legal training, you'd understand what I'm saying here). In a democratic process, you do not "dismiss" a 4,000 signature containing petition with some on-the-spot legalese invention, especially by demonstrating questionable understanding of the statute language!

In a process where a tyrant is involved (Louis XIV for example), people could protest all they wanted, but there was no legal recourse because the king had the courts all stacked with his people and there was no relief to the population from years and years of tyranny. Low level court clerks rejected all appeals for justice with similarly on-the-spot, made up jargonistic, legalese argunents to sincere attempts from citizens at redressing the many injustices of the day. The situation eventually resulted in something called the "french revolution", which quickly expanded over all of Europe in what could be considered the first "Arab spring", lead by Napoleon.

If that's your job lady, you need to read a few book on ethics as part of your "legal training"!


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