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Baseball stadium

Most of the people in favor of a stadium here in Wilmington, don't really care about the fact that the taxpayers are funding this project. The only thing that they care about is having the Braves here. I have heard one gentlemen say that he wants a team here no matter what. No matter what, comes out to forty two million dollars and when added with the debt service, comes out to one hundred million dollars. We have a bad economy that seems to be getting worse, tax cuts that are set to expire at the end of the year,twenty new taxes in the new healthcare bill and locally we are taxing runners who are raising funds for charities, raising the nightly surcharge on taxi cab customers and now a tax increase for a want and not a needed stadium. They say it will bring business to the city and I say it will take it away. It's called a substitute factor. If you bring your family of four to a game and spend eighty to one hundred dollars on tickets,food, drinks and a souvenir, you are pretty much done and are going home. That's eighty to one hundred dollars that you are not going to spend downtown or any other part of town. Just not a really good deal for this town.


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