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baseball supporters

There is no question some people love baseball and that the Braves are a great organization.
But if ANY property tax dollars are used then we are socializing the risk to insure the profits for a private enterprise. This is an outrageous government intrusion into the private marketplace.
If Wilmington was SO attractive we'd have a team already - ooops they moved due to poor attendance.
If the deal was so attractive, there'd be no reason to have to go for ANY general obligation bonds because private investment would clamor, no, they'd COMPETE for the opportunity to get in on this investment.

OOOOoooppps - because of baseballs previous failure they have apparently pulled out.
No matter which way you slice it and dice it - this is an entertainment venue. Our government socializes certain operations for the betterment of all. This includes water, sewer, roads, police, fire and other infrastructure.
The ballpark is not infrastructure, its not for the good of all. Government has no right, except for offering possible tax breaks, to invest in this project. It has limited appeal but the tax ramification affect us all (except Duke). Construction and land costs should be borne by private investors.
I'm all for giving some incentives but I'm against the city bearing any direct costs for this

Best Regards


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