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I have been reading the "lovefest" between Chuck and Terry on the SNO facebook forum. Watching the two of them gang up on anyone anti baseball is fun to watch.
As for the supporters and where they've been this article is correct in that they are waiting to see what the final proposal is before commenting.
This should tell you something. It tells you that they are not convinced by NSS/Mandalay that in fact baseball is GOOD for the city, otherwise they'd have been "out" already, touting the team and stadium. The same goes for the chamber meeting. It was contentious because they're not all convinced and they are wondering why the numbers aren't hard yet.
This is interesting to watch. Downtown businesses themselves are torn on this. The bars see the stadium selling beer as an infringement on their business. The Cotton Exchange closes its retail operations at 530 most nights. Heck even Paddy's Hollow is closed at 900 or 930 (too late for an after a night game drink).
I don't "see it" - I don't see the economic impact numbers from NSS/Mandalay making sense. The attendance figures are too high given our population and therefore all economic impact is overstated.
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